Poole Park

About Poole Park

Poole Park is the place to be in the sun, place to be in the rain the place to be no matter what! At Poole Park you can take a trip on the miniature railway, and look around part of the park in a different way. Or go the park to use the outdoor gym equipment that is in a place with a lovely view. 60% of the 100 acres here is water that contains many different aquatic birds. It was opened in 1890 by The Prince Of Wales.

Other Activity’s

There are many other activities that happen here including some such as:

  • Ice Skating
  • Tennis Courts
  • Waterside Restaurant
  • Water sports
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Cricket Pitches
  • Crazy Golf

And so much more…

Where we are

Poole Park is a ten minute drive from Rockley Park and is accessible by the train station or bus station, which is a ten minute walk away.